Syed Mokhtar Albukhary
"For me, the act of giving away some of my of earnings is second nature, ingrained in me since young."
Albukhary Foundation is the platinum sponsor of ASEAN Business & Investment Summit 2015
National Read Programme
A leading programme to cultivate a good reading habit in children by increasing the proficiency of English language.
Rohingya Education Center
The centre serves as a primary school for Rohingya refugee children in Kuantan in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. Class registration and placement tests were conducted on April 26, 2015 of 100 students.


Total Expenditure

RM1.63 billion spent for projects to reach the communities in more than 50 countries

Hajj Sponsorship

1,022 poor Malaysian Muslims have been sponsored 

Albukhary Scholarship

1,447 students in over 50 countries have been awarded with the scholarship

Tuition Program

200 tuition centres,

benefited over 80,000 students from 500 schools

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

97 exhibitions,
seminars and workshops

Project 3000 Earthquake

3,000 families,
3-month training program,
800 trained

Education RM 633,157,312
Welfare & Social Development RM 421,381,837
Cultural Programme RM 287,177,518
Religion RM 196,797,189
International Programme RM 58,555,710
Sports RM 35,407,445

The Albukhary Foundation has grown from strength to strength since it was established in 1996

The personal charity of Syed Mokhtar Albukhary, it was founded to give form and structure to his charitable activities that date back to the day he formed his first company in 1974. Raised on the Muslim values of Taqwa (Faith) and Ehsan (Compassion) that exhort a perpetual endeavour towards equitable order in society, Syed Mokhtar made charity the cornerstone of business while struggling as a rice trader in his early twenties.

“Syed Mokhtar Albukhary has built himself up from almost nothing to be one of Malaysia’s richest men. He has no interest in personal aggrandisement. Instead, his greatest passion is his charitable foundation, the Albukhary Foundation.”

– World Business (20 May 2007), published in association with INSEAD-


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