Albukhary Scholarship Programme

Some of the poorest communities are traumatised by lack of leadership. This has been a stumbling block to progress especially in some Muslim countries. The Albukhary Scholarship Programme envisages filling this vacuum by grooming a corps of responsible future leaders with the knowledge, confidence and propensity to shape the socio-economic development of their respective countries.


The Albukhary Scholarship Programme is premised on the belief that a good tertiary education is central to leadership development. In 2005, the programme was launched with full scholarships awarded to top performing high school students.


As at 2011, there were about 800 Albukhary scholars from 50 countries, from as far away as Tanzania to neighbouring ASEAN nations. More than 70 per cent of the scholars are from overseas, with the rest comprising Malaysians.


Collectively, they form an international community of undergraduates, 90 per cent of whom are Muslims and the rest non-Muslims.


The scholarship is for practical courses that directly contribute to socio-economic development of poor nations. Scholars are also encouraged to engage in intellectual discourse, socio-cultural exchanges and knowledge sharing other than being active in sports and recreational activities. Voluntary service is stressed as part of leadership development and curriculum of the AiU.