The Read Programme


Research has proven that Malaysians are poor readers and the mainstream of readers is students reading books for examinations rather than knowledge and pleasure (International Journal of Research in Social Science, Vol. 3, 2014). In addressing the need to nurture the reading habit among children, Albukhary Foundation has initiated the “Read Programme” with the vision of becoming a successful national programme.

Read is a nationwide movement to inculcate reading habit among primary school students in Malaysia with the objective of improving their English proficiency by enhancing their ability to read in English and understand the materials as a whole. At the same time, it aims to increase confidence level to communicate in the language.

This programme is targeted at primary school students between the age of 7 to 11 and it is held once a week. There are two programme cycles in a year and each cycle will consist of 12 sessions. There are four stages throughout the whole programme, which are Alphabet Level, Words Level, Paragraph Level and Storytelling Level.

With the minimum reading time of 1 hour 30 minutes including activities, the methodology is mentor read out loud first, mentor read together with children, and children read out loud. For every 5 children, 1 mentor will be appointed to facilitate and guide their reading.

For the initial stage, this programme runs concurrently in three regions: Alor Setar, Muadzam Shah and Malacca as pilot projects. Read Alor Setar and Read Muadzam have successfully completed their pilot project while Read Malacca is still an on-going project. With the completion of 2 pilot programmes, Read Programme has seen 74% of 38 participants from Alor Setar and 78% of 38 participants from Muadzam advancing to the next level.