Volunteer Network

Albukhary Foundation hopes to make volunteerism a way of life amongst the community. In its mission to build sustainable communities around the world, the foundation is committed not only to empowerment programmes for the disadvantaged but also seeks to instill in them a sense of discipline, self-help and the commitment to be responsible for their own advancement.

The foundation traces its roots to the Albukhary family, who grew up performing community service beyond the fundamental religious obligation of almsgiving, or zakat, one of the five pillars of Islam. It was a practice that instilled in the children compassion and caring for others, despite their own modest circumstances. This practice sowed the seeds of philanthropy in the young Syed Mokhtar. Now a respected philanthropist, he cherishes these lessons in humanity and he passes them on to those touched by his generosity, with the hope it will create ever-widening circles of benevolence reaching out to more and more people.


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