The Albukhary Foundation is funded by the personal income of its founder. The foundation is also one of the CSR pillars of companies in which Syed Mokhtar Albukhary is a substantial shareholder, and it receives contributions from them.


The Albukhary Foundation departs from the 'one-model fits all' approach to develepment education in different ways for different groups and make it accessible to those who might not otherwise have the opportunity. Guided by the concept of education as an effective socio-economic leveller, it has initiatives that range from outreach remedial programmes for academically weak students to full-fledged university education offering places for deserving students. 



The foundation is stepping up initiatives that improve the quality of the natural and built environment, making for a better place to work, live and play for current and future generations.



The foundation believes that good health, defined in a comprehensive and far-reaching way, determines the quality of life of a nation. It adopts a two-pronged approach to health, with projects that address serious ills that threaten the well-being of a society while promoting sports as a clear and strong indicator of a robust, cohesive society.


The foundation reaches out to communities crippled by poverty, especially that which is caused by political and economic strife or natural disasters. Its poverty alleviation programmes focus on empowerment, self-reliance and sustainable living.

Religion and Civilisation

The foundation is committed to promoting the Muslim face of that full consciousness of our Creator that calls us to inclusiveness and generosity and a profound respect for learning and scholarship. At the same time, it supports cultural enrichment programmes to strengthen understanding between different communities.