Language & Management Trainee Programme (LAMT)


What is LAMT?

LAMT is an international skills enhancement programme that focuses on English language proficiency and career readiness. The programme is integrated with professional skills in business management, talent development and the application of information technology at workplace to boost employability.

Successful applicants will attend the programme at Albukhary International University, Kedah, Malaysia from 15th February to 15th May 2017. Career placement is based on selection from and eligibility criteria and successful completion of the programme.

 Sponsorship will cover the following expenses: -

▪      Programme fee

▪      Return flight ticket and ground transportation

▪      Accommodation 

▪      Meals

▪      Medical and personal accident insurance*

▪      External examination fee* 

 *Terms and Conditions apply


Career Opportunity

Candidates who successfully complete the programme and demostrate regular attendance, will be eligible to be considered for further career opportunity by Mental HR Consultancy. 50 one-month internships will be avaliable after which candidates can apply for  permanent employment with salaries up to USD2500.


Application Criteria

We invite applications from aspiring and driven individual who wants to improve their English and career potential.

These criteria are essential: -

  1. O-level /A-level leavers; or
  2. Diploma holders; or
  3. Undergraduates (In the penultimate year of studies); or
  4. Fresh Graduates; or 
  5. Postgraduates (Masters and PhD Holder); and
  6. Not in employment or in-between jobs
  7. Not older than 30 years old as of 1st January 2017
  8. Possesses passport with at least 1-year validity and do not require visa to be in Malaysia for 90 days or less (from February 1st, 2017)
  9. Refugees / Asylum Seekers registered with UNHCR Malaysia are encouraged to apply (and exempted from requirement no. 8)
  10. Underprivileged (to be determined by Multidimensional Poverty Index and means testing) 
  11. Intermediate level English proficiency (to be determined via online placement test)


Programme Timeline 

 ▪ 15 November 2016

 ▪ 15 December 2016

 ▪ 19 & 20 December 2016

 ▪ 27 December 2016

 ▪ 17 January 2017

 ▪ 13 February 2017

 ▪ 18 February 2017

 ▪ 20 February 2017 

 ▪ 10 May 2017

 ▪ 11 & 12 May 2017

 ▪ 13 May 2017

 - Launch of online application

 - Closing of application / Application closes

 - Online English placement test 

 - Interview process begins

 - Notification of result to candidates

 - Arrival of participants

 - English placement test

 - Programme begins (orientation)

 - IELTS/BEC Examination

 - Interview for Internships

 - End of Programme

















Albukhary Foundation is a charitable organisation founded by Syed Mokhtar Albukhary in 1996, a Malaysian entrepreneur. The foundation envisions the forging of a more equitable and tolerant world through health, welfare and educational programmes and through cultural and religious initiatives that bridge the divide between the haves and have-nots, and between Muslim and non-Muslim worlds.

TURGEV, established in 1996, is a significant institution with strong tradition of serving the youth through education. TURGEV has been instrumental in youth development and engagement grounded on sound researches.

MENTAL HR Consultancy is an Istanbul based firm that runs personnel selection, placement, employee evaluation, performance management and talent development.


Frequently Asked Questions

 1)    Who is the intended beneficiary?

Extraordinary individual who have strong will to change themselves but are constrained by their socio-economic standing will benefit immensely from this programme.


2)    Is there any payment involved? 

No. All successful applicant will receive 100% funding for the programme as described in the purpose of the programme.


3)    Do we need Visa to enter Malaysia?

In order to be eligible for the programme, candidate must possess passport from country that does not require visa to be in Malaysia up to 90 days. Applicants from Southern Thailand are given exception to this requirement.


4)    What is the minimum passport validity requirement?

Minimum 1-year validity from February 1st 2017.


5)    What opportunity can we expect after completion of the programme?

Candidates who successfully complete the programme and have regular attendance, will be eligible to be considered for further career opportunities sourced by Mental HR Consultancy.


Further Enquiries

For further enquiries, we are reachable at the following channels

1. E-mail @;

2. Call/SMS/Whatspp @ +60 10 222 1876 / +60 12 928 1876